Born out of the founder’s love for snacking, Yumicorn was created as a healthy and organic snack. Knowing the detriments of unhealthy snacking which resulted in the founder becoming overweight in her teens, she wanted to prevent others from going through the same problem as she did, while still being able to enjoy the little pleasure of snacking.

Yumicorn was brought in by distributors Jacq & Cole in which Yumicorn’s flagship product, crispy purple corn, intrigued them as a rare corn snack that tastes good and has tons of health benefits. Already thriving in various areas in America, Jacq and Cole has confidence that making Yumicorn more prominent and accessible in the asian market will expose more people to healthy snacking. Aiming to provide new flavours of snacks every 6 months, Yumicorn paves the way for a new generation of healthy, tasty snacks for fussy and health conscious snackers.

Yumicorn goes through little processing as compared to other types of corn snacks, coming in pretty much it’s original form. Having no preservatives and minimal seasoning, we have achieved a natural, fresh, salty taste defies the stereotype, ‘healthy food doesn’t taste good’. Not only are Yumicorn snacks guilt- free, they also contain many natural yellow and purple plant pigments that promotes kidney health, eye health and many other benefits, making them an antioxidant powerhouse.


Our corn comes from natural fields from the rural Lopburi Province located in central Thailand. Once they reach the factory, it is vacuum fried or freeze dried to give it its crispy texture while preserving the benefits of the corn. Each individual packet is carefully crafted to be sufficient for one sitting, giving one the freedom to snack without worries.